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Importing and Exporting of Canine Frozen Semen

Monash Veterinary Clinic has the most experience of any operators in the handling and shipment of frozen and chilled canine semen both domestically and internationally. As both a transport agency and an end user of canine and feline frozen semen, we can appropriately advise you in your endeavors to achieve puppies. If the semen you wish to import has already been frozen we can view the freezing report to determine whether we feel you will be getting good quality semen with adequate numbers of sperm. As Veterinarians at the forefront of canine reproduction we can assess whether the semen is worth purchasing with a good chance of pregnancy for you. It is not just about whether there are 100 million or more sperm cells in an insemination dose for your dog, it is the quality of the original ejaculate and the quality of the frozen semen that is important.


If the semen you wish to acquire is not yet frozen, we can supply details of recommended Veterinarians in many countries to adequately perform the duties for you.

For more information contact Melanie or Aimee:

Phone: +613 9544 7455

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