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Flea Control Advice

Fleas are a common external parasite of mammalian animals such as cats and dogs which maintain their existence by biting and sucking the blood of animals. This inevitably leads to an allergic reaction in the animal which causes them to become itchy. This can be worse in some animals and lead to a condition called flea allergy dermatitis. In severe cases, flea burdens on an animal can be so great, it may cause significant anaemia through loss of blood.

Only 5% of the flea's life cycle is spent as an adult flea on your pet. The rest of the time, they are present in the environment (carpets, furniture, kennels and yards) as flea eggs or immature flea larvae. It is very important to treat your pets and their environment to control and eliminate flea infestations.

At Monash Veterinary Clinic we stock a range of products suitable to control flea infestations on your animal:

SPOT-ONS: They are simple and quick to use and only need to be put on once a month. They are in liquid form and are applied directly onto the skin between the shoulder blades of the animal.

Advantage, Advantix Revolution or Frontline Plus: very effective types of spot-ons which we supply at Monash Veterinary Clinic. Note: Cat and dog products are always clearly marked on the packaging. Never use a dog product on a cat and vice-versa.

Tablets: There are a variety of tablet flea treatments.These are given monthly and will treat other parasites. Talk to your veterinarian regarding the most appropriate treatment for your animal.

Sentinel Spectrum or Comfortis: highly recommended tablet flea treatments available for dogs at Monash Veterinary Clinic. Sentinel Spectrum can also be used to control heartworm and most of the intestinal worms in dogs.

Environment Control: In addition to the above products mentioned, controlling the fleas in the environment is another important measure. This includes regular vacuuming of carpets and washing of animal bedding. Flea shampoos for your animal and flea bombs to use in your home are other useful tools to stop these nasty parasites.