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An increased awareness in pet diet has developed in the last few years and is now a fundamental part of veterinary checks that are done each year. The vets and nurses at Monash Veterinary Clinic believe that great diet starts from day one and continues throughout the life of our pets. That is why we all choose Hills Science Diet for our furry companions – a complete and balanced pet food that provides all the essential vitamins and additives required to give your pet a long & healthy life.

Hills Science diet comes in a range of different formutaions to suit your cat or dog ranging from Puppy and Kitten, to Adult and Senior pets. Their foods are designed for different breed sizes and also health needs. For specific health issues, Hills have a Prescription diet range. This can include weight loss, kidney and urinary issues, liver disease and diabetes, just to name a few. Prescription diets are usually started following the diagnosis of a health issue in your pet by your veterinarian. In some cases, your pet’s disease can be controlled just by diet without the need for medication, and can help your pet have a happy, healthy life for years to come.

It is our recommendation that you feed your adult pet 1-2 times per day, with a combination of wet (canned) and/or dry food. Some specific breeds require wet food over dry food or specific feeding arrangements due to their size or particular body shape. If this is of a concern, please discuss this with us. Fresh water should always be available. 

Puppies and kittens require more frequent feeding of 3-4 times per day and reducing this over the months as they progress to adulthood. Cats are known grazes, meaning that they like to eat throughout the day rather than eating all their food at once. While some dogs might be seen as grazers, his can cause them to become fussy eaters and it is important to consider that they are more likely to eat their meal all in one go without the need for ad-lib feeding. Food that has the potential to spoil (eg. Canned food) should never be left out longer than a day. Cats & dogs can get severe bouts of gastro, too!

When choosing what type of food you will feed your pet, it is important to make a decision on what is best for your pet. While supermarket brand foods can appear cheaper, they are usually higher in fat and salts and are not always balanced and complete. They are designed to make the food more appealing to human buyer to give us an emotional connection with the food so that we choose to feed this to our cat or dog. Premium pet foods such as Hills Science Diet are complete and balanced foods that have undergone intense scientific checks to ensure their high standard. They are usually cheaper to feed to your pet in the long run because their nutrient content is better, so nutritionally they require less to make them feel more content and full, with all their additional benefits.

Bones are important for keeping pets teeth clean. Only feed raw bones to your pet!! Necks (lamb or chicken) or marrow bones (with the marrow removed) are a good choice for bones that cause less damage to the gastrointestinal tract and other organs. Dental sticks or raw hide bones are also good to help with dental hygiene for dogs.

We don’t recommend feeding human food of any type. This not only promotes fussy eaters but also does not guarantee that they receive proper nutritional content. Onions, chocolate, macadamia nuts, grapes and raisins are certainly foods should never been given to dogs and cats. They are extremely poisonous and can lead to life threatening health issues in your loved one.

Our staff at Monash Veterinary Clinic are always happy to help you in deciding the diet that is right for your pet. Remember to ask us if we have any special promotions or discounts. We look forward to having a chat with you at your next visit!