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Chilled Canine Semen

Chilled semen is fresh canine semen that has been refrigerated in a special extender but not frozen. The extender allows the semen to live for a longer period of time than fresh semen. Chilled semen is an excellent way to move genetic material within Australia and between Australia and New Zealand. With new extenders available it would be possible to send chilled semen to the USA or Asia, however due to quarantine requirements, New Zealand is the only overseas country that we can receive chilled semen from. 

Semen is collected from the dog and the whole ejaculate is added to an extender which protects the sperm from cold shock, gives them energy and slows their metabolism for a variable period of time. We ensure the semen is thoroughly assessed using out Spermvision SARepro CASA system to ensure only high quality semen is sent out of our fascility. Chilled semen has a short preservation time compared to frozen semen, however the success of pregnancy from chilled semen is much higher than frozen semen. New transport boxes are available from Minitube that will keep the semen at 4°C for up to 48 hours under the correct environmental conditions.

In our experience the success rate of using chilled semen by Transcervical Insemination (TCI) is equivalent to natural matings.